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Growing to your next home usually means new needs for your family. I focus on dialing in on this process by breaking down each family member’s needs and matching clients up with the perfect home based on that information while staying within your budget. 


Get to know Stephanie

Stephanie Eiden is a true Chicagoan, with a deep-rooted connection to the North Shore. Having grown up in the area and lived in various neighborhoods throughout Chicago, she settled back on the North Shore, bringing her insider's perspective to the table. Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth, and the rest of the North Shore are her specialties.

Stephanie's unique blend of skills stems from her background in commercial real estate marketing/management and her experience as a teacher for children with special needs. She excels at listening attentively and remembers even the smallest details. With tenacity and boundless energy, Stephanie is dedicated to matching her clients' needs with their perfect home. Negotiation is one of her greatest strengths; she's a seasoned advocate who strives to secure the best possible deal for both buyers and sellers.

Stephanie holds a BA in Communications and Literature from Denison University. Alongside her husband and two sons, she resides on the North Shore, fully embracing and enjoying everything the community has to offer. Being an active participant in community life is something Stephanie cherishes, especially when she gets to share those experiences with her family.

Get to SOLD with Strategy

Stephanie is your go-to person when you are ready to sell your home. She's a fantastic listener and combines her thorough market research with a deep understanding of the real estate landscape to determine the perfect pricing strategy for a quick home sale. Stephanie's expertise shines through her personal experience renovating historic homes, where she skillfully balances preserving integrity with adding modern and elegant touches. With her keen eye for detail, she knows just how to stage a home for maximum impact.

Stephanie's understanding of market value is unparalleled, and she goes above and beyond to ensure her clients receive the best possible price for their property. Trust her to guide you through the selling process with her friendly and professional approach, making your selling experience both seamless and successful.

about stephanie eiden

A community connection

Stephanie has a fantastic tool just for buyers, helping them discover the perfect neighborhood and home. She's got a knack for understanding different North Shore neighborhoods inside out, which lets her offer personalized recommendations that match her clients' desires. If a client has their heart set on a particular area but there aren't many options available, Stephanie takes the extra step of reaching out to homeowners through friendly letters, seeing if they're considering a move. She genuinely cares about her clients' happiness and makes sure they find a place they absolutely love.

Stephanie's extensive knowledge of the North Shore, including school districts and local amenities, allows her to provide valuable guidance for her clients, helping them make the best decision for their families. She takes the time to truly understand their needs, ensuring that the area they choose becomes a true haven they adore. Plus, her background in teaching equips her with a special understanding of students' unique requirements and the amazing offerings of the local schools.

With years of experience in the real estate field, Stephanie has built strong connections within the community and has a wealth of resources at her fingertips to meet every buyer's needs. From the very first meeting, where she carefully pinpoints each family's unique requirements, to recommending top-notch local vendors for remodeling or home improvement projects, Stephanie goes above and beyond. Whether you need appraisals or a handyman, she'll make sure you have everything you need to transform your new house into a warm and welcoming home.